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Israel's Web3, CBDC, & Crypto assets Regulation Conference

Update - event date will be published in a later stage

Web3 and CBDCs in Israel: A Regulatory Outlook

Israel's Web3, CBDC, and Crypto Assets Regulation Conference, and Israel Crypto Community (ICC) is excited to announce its upcoming event in Tel Aviv during Blockchain Week!
As a premier gathering of international experts and leaders in the field of cryptocurrency, Web3, NFTs, banking & crypto relationships, CBDCs, and AML, the conference offers a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with both private and public sector actors, as well as industry experts on the latest developments and trends in cryptocurrency regulation.

The conference aims to bring together government representatives, members of the Knesset, local technology companies, financial community, and other stakeholders to discuss the potential and importance of stable regulatory infrastructure for the blockchain industry in Israel. With an emphasis on advancing the technology and safeguarding Israel's position as a world leader in the high-tech industry, the conference will provide attendees with in-depth insights and understanding of the current regulatory situation and ways to improve it. 
We believe that a productive dialogue between all parties in the Israeli market can bridge gaps and reduce concerns that exist. The conference will include lectures and professional panels that will allow for a deeper understanding of the current regulatory situation and how to improve and adopt laws that have been approved in other countries. It will also discuss how to deal with innovation in various fields such as finance, gaming, education, and more. 

About Us.

The conference is organized in cooperation with the Central District of the Israel Bar Association and the Israel Accountants Association, ensuring that attendees receive the most up-to-date, reliable, and relevant information.
The conference content will be under the guidance of Mr. Avinoam M. Oltchik, Vice-President of Operations at the MarketAcross Media Group. The conference will feature a full day of content for over 400 VIP attendees from Israel and abroad. This is a great opportunity for both the private and public sectors to come together, to engage in a dialogue, and to learn about the latest developments in the industry

We invite you to join us as a speaker or sponsor and take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and stay informed about the latest developments in the field of cryptocurrency regulation. 
Conference registration is now open.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to register for the conference. We look forward to seeing you there

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